Soo Dance Academic Program

Academic Program

  • Princess Ballerina

    Pre Ballet to Level 1 / Princess Ballerina Program

    Fun lessons that help develop rhythm (musicality), coordination, attention, strength, flexibility, agility and posture. They will learn how to dance and count to the music using their feet and ballet steps. Students will learn the ‘turnout’ position, small to medium jumps, and work with both hands on the barre. This class also helps develop the habits of learning and repeating movements with increasing complexity. We offer ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop classes.

  • Hiphop & K-pop

    Pre to Level 5 / Hiphop & K-pop
    Hiphop is a street style dance originating from New York in the 1970s. The music uses heavy, consistent beats and the dance is made up of breaking and pop-n-lock techniques to show off a hard-hitting and cool dance. This style is less about showing emotion compared to lyrical and contemporary styles, and more showing off a dancer’s swagger.

    K-pop, standing for Korean pop, is a style of music and dance created in South Korea. Mostly known for its flashy group dances, K-pop combines many styles of music and sounds to create new and innovative songs with catchy beats that make it very enjoyable to dance to. This modern Korean style has become very popular in the States in the past few years because of acts like BlackPink and BTS.

  • Jazz

    Pre to Level 5 / Jazz
    Combines the arts of Ballet, Modern, Afro, and current dance trends to create a free style technique of movement unlimited in expression.

  • Tap dance

    Pre to Level 5 / Tap dance
    A dance form indigenous to America that traces its beginnings to African and Irish immigrants. Now enjoying its greatest revival, tap is fun for children and adults alike.

  • Ballet

    Level 2 to Level 5 / Ballet
    All of our ballet programs use Vaganova’s Method (floor, bar and center technique), the basic to advance techniques of structured training in the fundamentals of classical ballet. All of the classes are taught with the integrity of a class aimed at the pre-professional level. Children who do not have an interest in pursuing a career in dance will still enjoy the fun, discipline and artistry of ballet during their classes. Two or more classes recommended a week.

  • Pointe Work

    Level 4 to Level 5 / Pre-Pointe Work to Advanced Pointe Work
    Advanced Students practice pointe work and partnering in a rigorous environment, putting them on track for a pre-professional program. Students are required to attend two additional classes per week for the pointe class.

  • Contemporary & Modern Dance

    Level 3 to Level 5 / Contemporary & Modern Dance
    Contemporary is a fusion of modern dance techniques and other numerous styles of dance. Modern Dance Technique can transcend pure ballet technical knowledge and help develop more fully realized dancers. Students will learn longer dance combinations with confidence and commitment, and learn more complex floor patterns and rhythmic structures.

  • Character Dance

    Level 3 to Level 5 / Character Dance
    Based on the Russian Character Dance Syllabus of the Vaganova Method, students will study barre and center work that combines classical ballet technique with stylized representation of traditional folk or national dances, mostly from Eastern and Western Europe. For example: Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Russian folk, and Classical Flamenco dances. Some Ballets that would incorporate a good deal of this style dance would be the beginning of Act III of Swan Lake, the ballet Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, and many more. Character dances are usually performed in shoes with small heels.

  • Processing Ballet Technique (PBT)

    Level 3 to Level 5 / Processing Ballet Technique. PBT.
    Progressing Ballet Technique gives students a better understanding of how to engage the right muscles in order to dance safely and correctly. Before long you will see huge improvements in students alignment, stability, strength, posture, turnout, control, and balance. And it’s fun! PBT helps increase muscle memory and strengthen technique in dance.