Soo Dance Company Program / Performance

I would like to participate in a performance. What do I need to do?                                                                   Participation in a performance requires a minimum enrollment in two classes per week for Pre-Ballet, Level 1, and Level 2 ballet students. Ballet students in Levels 3, 4, and 5 are required to attend two classes per week as well as two company ballet rehearsals per week. Participants are required to sign a contract committing to attending their level’s required number of classes for five months from the date they begin attending them.

Enrollment in two weekly company rehearsal classes is required for all Level 3, 4, and 5 students participating in the show. These rehearsals are mandatory, and do not count toward your weekly technique classes. You are allowed one excused absence. If you are absent for more than two company rehearsals, you will be required to take a private 45-minute make–up at your own cost to maintain your spot in the performance. Students who miss more than five rehearsals will be dropped from the show. The tuition rate for each company rehearsal is $150 per term in addition to your standard class tuition.

What is the cost of participating in a performance?
There is a participation fee of $25.00, as well as a mandatory payment of $40.00, which covers professional photography and videography of the performance. Photos and a downloadable video or DVD of the performance will be available to you following the performance date. You are required to cover the expense of your costume (determined once the studio selects the costumes). Tickets to the performance are sold separately and may be purchased at your discretion. Ballet students of Level 3, 4, and 5 also require company rehearsals which are an additional $150 each, per term.

The $100 costume deposit will be shown on your bill if you are participating in the show. Please remember, this deposit holds the student’s place in the show and will be refunded back to your May (Spring Show) or December (Winter Show) bill.

There’s no time in my schedule to sign up for a 2nd class, but I still want to join the show; what should I do?        We have a ‘Prep Class’ for those who want to join the show but have no time to commit to a 2nd class. We can set up a one hour Prep Class (semi private lesson) costing $100 before the winter show!

It is our belief that ballet is the foundation of all dance genres. Students who choose course options that do not include the required minimum number of ballet classes per week are not exposed to the same level of technique training as those who attend the minimum number of ballet classes per level. The show prep class is required to help dancers continue in fine-tuning their technique and choreography. Classes will be comprised of students from the same level and class. Times are predetermined and enrollment for this class opens at the start of each term. Specific dates will be scheduled at set times beginning four weeks prior to the performance.

A non-ballet student wants to join the show are there mandatory additional classes needed to participate?           There are no additional classes for the show.
The Recital dance choreography will be taught during regular class, so even if your student does not necessarily want to perform, they will still be able to learn choreography and how to rehearse a dance number.

Soo Dance Company’s Presents / Performances

  • 2013

    May 14, 2013
    The Sleeping Beauty

    December 15, 2013
    The Nutcracker

  • 2014

    June 07, 2014
    Sawn Lake

    December 6, 2014
    December 7, 2014
    The Nutcracker

  • 2015

    June 13, 2015
    Don Quixote

    December 5, 2015
    The Nutcracker

  • 2016

    May 21, 2016
    Spring Rep

    December 6, 2016
    December 7, 2016
    The Nutcracker

  • 2017

    May 18, 2017
    The Sleeping Beauty

    December 16, 2017
    December 17, 2017
    The Nutcracker

  • 2018

    June 8, 2018

    December 14, 2018
    December 15, 2018
    The Nutcracker

  • 2019

    May 18, 2019

    Dec 7, 2019
    The Nutcracker

  • 2020

    May 16, 2020
    Don Quixote

  • 2021

    December 17, 2021
    December 18, 2021
    The Nutcracker

  • 2022

    May 21, 2022
    Sleeping Beauty

    December 17, 2022
    The Nutcracker