Here is... summer program.

Sign Up for Summer Classes NOW!

Our Summer schedule for 2022 is now available and open for registration. Summer classes & Intensive classes Term begins June 6th and runs through July 30th.

Our Summer Term is designed for students to continue their dance studies while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of their Summer holiday. Instead of our monthly tuition, summer classes pay for 2 months of classes upfront (June/July). We understand lots of vacations happen over Summer so please keep in mind that you are able to attend any class in your age group for make-ups. If you know you will be missing classes in the future over the summer term you are allowed to make up those classes before the intended vacation time.

During summer we actually use a ‘class pass’ system where you can pay for a fixed amount of classes upfront- 8, 16, or 24, etc.- and you will have all of June 6th through July 30th to attend. We charge classes this way as opposed to our regular monthly tuition to accommodate everyone’s vacation plans, as it provides a more flexible schedule to attend.

We also have weekly summer camps for ages 4.5-6, which are Monday to Friday, and a flat rate of $135.00 and Contemporary 3 days workshop $300. If you still have any questions about the summer tuition, please do not hesitate in reaching out!