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Competition Team Policy

Soo Dance Company and Academy: Calendar 2023-2024 

August 7th: Fall Schedule starts

August 12th: Parents Meeting 3pm-3:45pm 

September 4th: Labor Day (Studio Closure)  

October 14th: Parents Meeting 3pm-3:45pm 

November 11th: Veterans Day (Studio Closure) 

November 22nd-25th: Thanksgiving Break ( Studio Closure) 

December 9th: Parents Meeting 3pm-3:45pm 

December TBD- Winter Showcase and The Nutcracker 

December 22nd-Jan 7th: Winter Break Session (Studio Closure) 

Jan 8th: Spring Class Starts 

Jan 15th: MLK (Studio Closure)

January 27th: Parents Meeting 3pm-3:45pm 

January 27th: Solo Showcase at Blackhawk Studio-4pm 

Feb 19th: President Day (Studio Closure) 

April 1st-6th: Spring Break (Studio Closure)

April 13th:  Parents Meeting 3pm-3:45pm 

May 4th: Saturday- End of the Year Party and Certificate Achievements 

May TBD-Spring Showcase and Ballet Production 

May 25th Last Class Spring Classes

Competition Team Class Goal Upon the resumption of classes for our Competition Team season in the Fall, we will be restructuring our program in order to improve the experience of both our recreational and competitive students. 

Private Lessons Private lessons may be arranged through Soo and are offered for 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour sessions.

Pricing 30-minute session – $55   /  45-minute session – $77.50   /  1 hour session – $100 / 45-minute Group session – $50 each   /  1 hour Group session – $70 each

Competition Team Membership Our competition program consists of two levels; Competitive and Elite. Both levels are available to students of the ages 6 to 18. Levels are based on weekly hours of training and past experience as a competitive dancer.

All competition team members are required commit to a 10-month (2 term; Fall 2020 and Spring 2021) contractual agreement. Monthly tuition will be consistent throughout the 10 months of membership, even after choreography sessions conclude.

*Monthly Tuition Packages Monthly tuition is discounted by 5% for those who choose to pay for the 10-months up front. Each package includes the technique classes listed, choreography fees and cut mixed clean music. When all performance opportunities have ended we will continue technique classes, but will discontinue choreography and cleaning lessons. 

Competition Team

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