Soo Dance Academy “Update on COVID-19

Your Studio Director accounts will be frozen and no charges will be applied to your account as long as in-person classes are suspended. No action is necessary on your end, this will be applied to all students’ accounts moving forward.


Soo Dance Background

Soo Dance Academy have two locations 10 mins away from each other. Both studios offer dance classes and you are able to attend either location. We offer classes for children ages 2.5 through professional. We teach ballet, jazz, hip-hop, Kpop, tap, tumbling, contemporary, and character. We offer a Soo Dance Competition team and have become one of the elite in the Bay Area.  Soo Dance Company puts on 2 performances per year: the Spring and Winter Show. Summer classes are available and are extremely flexible.

Kirov Summer Ballet Intensive

Soo Dance Company & Academy